No More Talk. Time for Action.

Helen Shwery
for Ward 1
Meet Helen

Meet Helen

If you have had enough of do-nothing politicians who are all talk and no action, it’s time you met Helen Shwery.. Helen is a plain-spoken, no-nonsense person. She’s not a talker. She’s a do-er. She’s a mother, grandmother, business owner, audit and fraud specialist, and a fed-up taxpayer.

Helen spent her teenage years in Cambridge on a farm near the airport and now lives in Ward 1 with her family.

She has been involved in countless community organizations, such as: founding board member of the Canadian Health Care Anti-Fraud Association; volunteered at Grand River Hospital; currently volunteers for various political campaigns; her church and board member and past president of her condominium corporation.

Nothing slows down this double lung transplant recipient.

If not me then who? And if not now, then when?

"I am running because our current city council and our mayor have lost touch with reality and they’ve turned their backs on the people of Cambridge. Like you, I’m tired of watching them recklessly spend our hard-earned tax dollars with zero accountability. Public Servants are servants of the people and need to start acting that way."

"We must all step up and do our part and I'm dedicating my campaign to restoring your voice. Too many of our elected officials have lost their way and have forgotten that they work for the people and are answerable to the people. I'm running for everyone in ward 1 who have a strong desire to make this ward and this city competitive, safe and the best place to build a future."

Action Plan

Helen's "to do" list of urgent actions is short and to the point:

  • Freeze both residential property and business taxes for the next 3 years.
  • Bring back community consultation. All large money projects must have residents’ input prior to proceeding.
  • Will go through the city’s budget line by line to find efficiencies and savings for the taxpayer. No more gravy train. Improvements to city infrastructure must be prioritized. As city councilor, she will safeguard taxpayer money like it was her own. “I throw nickels around like manhole covers!”
  • Time to get tough on crime. She’ll fight to give our police all resources necessary to make our streets and neighborhoods safe.
  • Increase housing stock by drastically cutting red tape so developers and builders can get shovels in the ground faster. Building more houses helps lower the price of houses. This can and will be done alongside residents’ input on new developments without excluding and/or compromising current town planning procedures or circumventing democratic processes which ensures citizens' rights are protected and heard.

Ward 1 Map

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Your generosity and support will make a big difference and help the success of this campaign.


How to donate

By e-Transfer

Please email your money transfers and ensure your transfer is sent from a personal account, not a business account.

By Cheque

Please make cheque payable to Helen Shwery. Contact Helen to arrange for pickup.


I need your help. Join the campaign to take action on property and business taxes, improve city infrastructure, and bring back community consultation. Please fill out the form below:

Where to Vote

Election day is Monday, October 24

The City of Cambridge offers both in-person and online voting options.

In-Person Voting Day Locations are:

390 Scott Rd., Cambridge, ON

640 Trico Dr., Cambridge, ON

334 Preston Pky., Cambridge, ON

1145 Concession Rd., Cambridge, ON

For advance and internet voting informatio, go to:

Contact Helen


Helen Shwery is looking forward to meeting and getting to know her neighbours in ward 1. She can't wait to roll up her sleeves and get to work on your behalf at City Hall.

You can reach Helen at:

Phone: 226-505-7802

Or simply use the contact form.