Ward 1 Issues



The biggest cry I am hearing is from people of all levels of income is they cannot afford to continue at this rate. The cost of living has increased beyond their pay cheques.

They feel that hiking property taxes and utilities during these difficult times is like kicking them when they’re down.

Homes have become too expensive. We need to cut red tape, improve processes, and get shovels in the ground faster.

Allowing property owners to subdivide land, add a room, and repurposing existing buildings when possible, etc. should not be such a painful and expensive process.

Changes like these are needed to solve our housing crisis, while making life more affordable.


Parents that live around schools say we need speed bumps on roads around schools and/or strong enforcement. They feel signs and speed limits are not working. Parents are worried for their children’s safety. I agree - we have to do a lot more.

Community Safety is frequently mentioned as I canvassed my community. I was saddened to learn how many vehicles have been stolen or broken into. I will be a strong advocate for a more visible police presence on our streets and neighborhoods and as a resident affected by this will work tirelessly to find better solutions to safeguard the safety of our neighborhoods.


We need better communication between regional and city planners. Building homes first and then building roads and infrastructure second is backwards and and should be done conjunction with each other.

I will also work to alleviate traffic in several areas of Ward 1, such as exploring new infrastructure and by-pass options.

While many of our major developments are on regional roads, it is the city residents that are impacted by the increased traffic. Development should happen in ways that do not destroy one’s quality of life.

Homelessness and Shelters

Shelters should be and are ideal for those experiencing temporary homelessness which I will lobby for.

Those addicted to drugs require meaningful help and there are multiple organizations that help those fighting addiction.

Those with mental health issues, not as a result of drug addiction, should be helped in a hospital setting.

Putting everyone together under one roof or allowing encampments is unsafe for them as well as residents living around these shelters/encampments.

Since this is a provincial issue, I will lobby to get those with additions out of the shelters and into places they receive meaningful help which will greatly reduce those that need shelter.

Riverside Dam

It been consulted and reviewed to the point of almost $1 million and approved years ago.

The dam needs fixing now and the longer we wait the more it will cost.

Allowing it to deteriorate and crumble could cause damage to the railway trestle. This railway carries parts to Toyota. The fall out will be huge.

To do more studies, assessments will just cost more time and money and likely give the same conclusion.

Heritage Buildings

I am not sure of anyone that does not love the Historic buildings in Cambridge.

It takes us back to the time when things were simple and felt safe. These buildings were Architectual masterpieces we rarely see today and should be preserved. But, this must be done while they are still structurally safe. Once they become unsafe it is too late. Preston Springs could have been saved if it was not for the bureaucracy and therefore had to be demolished for the public’s safety. Something we need to remember going forward.